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Pretty in Pink Presents: Currently

Cover Reveal, Blurb, and Author Bio: For the Love of Gracie by Amy McClung

Who wants a sneak peek at the cover for Amy McClung's new book For the Love of Gracie?  This gorgeous cover was created by Cover Lust Designs.

For the Love of Gracie

Gracie Walker doesn't have much luck with finding Prince Charming.  Hudson James enters her life, the bad boy who gives her a reason to hope that he is Mr. Right.  Gracie's problem is, she doesn’t fall for the right guys.  She lives in Nashville, Tennessee where the nightlife is always hopping.  She spends her days in college and her nights hanging out with her closest friends at local bars.  Her best friend Cameron is her rock.  Cameron introduces his friend Ashton into Gracie's life and it changes everything.  Ashton manages to make her fall head over heels for him, without even knowing it.  He's the perfect guy.  He's sweet, charming, funny, and unbelievably gorgeous.  They have so much in common, including the fact that they are both attracted to men.  Gracie is determined to make things work with Hudson and forget her feelings for Ashton. That's easier said than done.  An event happens and it changes her life forever.  Cameron struggles with his inability to protect Gracie from her own choices in life.  Ashton blames himself for not noticing the signs.  Who will be the one to pick her up when she falls? Will Gracie be able to have a normal life?  What lengths will someone go to…For the Love of Gracie?

Author Bio

Amy McClung was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls. She married Daniel McClung in September 2005 and they currently reside just outside of Nashville. Amy and her husband are both fans of fantasy novels as well as avid movie collectors.  Her favorite past times include watching movies, drawing, and reading fantasy novels.  The Parker Harris Series is the first series of books by this author. Cascades of Moonlight Book #1, Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales Book #2, and The Dark Moon Book #3 is set to be released May 17th, 2013.  Her first book was a means of therapy for her as it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.  She has two current works in progress. The next to be released is a New Adult Contemporary Romance called, For the Love of Gracie. The other is a spin-off of The Parker Harris Series, that will be a YA Fantasy series, called The Crispin Sinclair Chronicles.

Author announcement for the Stamford Author Event

Exciting news on the Stamford Author Event front....

Madeline Sheehan who is author of The Holy Trinity Series and Undeniable is a Buffalo, NY resident who will be signing it up at SAE!

Also joining her and the other authors will be Andrea Randall author of the November Blue series.  Andrea is a Cornell University graduate who lives in Western Massachusetts and she is currently working on her fourth novel.

Head over to SAE's website by clicking on their button and reserve your tickets for this FREE event.  That's right, FREE.  You can get more info on the author's that are going to be attending and sign up for their blog so you will get all the cool author announcements and whatnot firsthand.

Officially a Girl's *heart" Book Tours Host

I have teamed up with the gals over at Girl's *heart* Book Tours so I will be bringing you some exciting author reviews, book releases, author spotlight's, and more awesomeness with them!  My first host will be next month on May 20th I do believe so stay tuned!

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Fantastical Friday Freebies!

Happy Release Day!!!

Happy release day to Mercy Amare and Darlene Kuncytes!!!

Help celebrate their releases of Jaded by Mercy Amare and A Vampire's Saving Embrace (print book) by Darlene Kuncytes by dropping by their facebook release party's.

Jaded release party

A Vampire's Saving Embrace release party.

I know the giveaways and fun have already started over at the Jaded release party!   

FREE All 5 Books in Law of the Lycan's Series by Nicky Charles

Yep, that's right ALL 5 books are FREE!!  Grab em while you can! 

UK Author Claire C. Riley's Limerence is free this weekend only

Get Limerence which she describes as a "sexy, supernatural horror with thriller and psychological horror elements," free this weekend only! 

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New Release Hot Off the Presses: Jaded by Mercy Amare

First book in the Rock Star Trilogy just went live...literally, like minutes ago!  Get your copy now.  Join us on facebook tomorrow for her Jaded release party

Up and coming Author Melissa Collins

Melissa Collins is a new author of contemporary romance/new adult fiction.  Her first book is titled Let Love Inand will be out in spring/early summer of 2013.  Click on her name and check outher author page on facebook, she might even have a giveaway posted! 


Welcome to my new blog adventure! 

I have been recently introduced to the book review jungle through some great authors, facebook author events, and review/giveaway sites, so I thought I would give it a shot myself. 

It has been a while since I flexed my writing muscles, so please be kind.

I hope to share free e-books, reviews of books I read, giveaways, author events and all the other stuff that goes along with that. 

I'll get started by telling you a little about myself.  I am an Alabama girl by birth (War Eagle baby!), Kentucky resident for a few years (Go CATS!!), and I currently reside in the lovely area known as Hampton Roads, VA.  I am a total beach bum at heart living on the east coast, while I dream of the west coast. 

I have always loved to read, and my new Kindle Fire HD (Thank you dear), has provided fuel for my obsessive reading habit.  SO MANY FREE BOOKS!!!!  I think I have become an e-book hoarder!  I have connected with quite a few authors recently through facebook, and I am getting involved with some upcoming author events.  I also hope to be planning a local event for next spring here in Hampton Roads. 

By day I slave in an office hunting down people and their cars, by night, you might find me in a tow truck repoing your car, or home, with my soon to be 8 year old son and my sexy, hunk of a greek, significant other.  (I can never remember where those damn commas go so I just sprinkle them liberally throughout my sentences.  Feel free to correct me!)  I will share some of the more humourous repo stories and Daniel-isms with you guys, I'm sure. 

Have questions or want me to read and review your books, post giveaways etc.  feel free to email me  You can also click through to my profile and there are links to all my facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.