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Spotlight: Sapphire City by Amy Richie

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June 10-17

Book Description

Strange things happen on Nortica; people disappear and voices call from the ocean. For Stella Shaw, things are about to get even more weird.

Welcome to Nortica. Population: ten.
After her latest run-in with the police, Stella’s mom takes her back to her childhood home, the island Nortica. But they find it much different than the stories Mom told. Most of the people have disappeared and the ones left are really weird. 

When her mom turns out to be the next victim of the island, Stella is forced into a dangerous race to find her while learning the secrets that the ocean holds

What people are saying about Sapphire City!

"A different kind of ending for sure, Nice story! I knew I had it figured out, til I read the next page! Hopefully the sequel comes out soon!" ~ MPR1

"I felt compelled to keep reading, desperate to find out what happened next." ~ R. Kight

 "The story ended so perfect. I kept waiting for another twist." ~ Jess


Amy Richie was born in a small northern Ohio town where she grew up and lives there still with her three children. She comes from a large family with an even larger extended family. In 2012, Amy joined up with Anchor Group Publishing and now has two series started. The Immortal Love Series and The Blood Vine Series, a new YA. Amy writes things that are not of this world; either paranormal or fantasy. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, time travel, ghosts, and even garden gnomes. To find out more about Amy Richie or her books visit her at .

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300 likes giveaway winners

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these posted, it's been a crazy few weeks for me!

Winner of Quiver of a Kiss by Sarah Daltry:  Laurna Hamilton
Winner of Trying Not to Love You by Megan Smith:  Tina Connor Myers 
Winner of Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington:  Jessica Baker-Bridgers
Winner of A Changed Life by Mary Wasowski (August release):  Alexandra Hoff
Winner of Kissing Fire by A.M. Hargrove:  Laura Mendez 
Winner of The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard:  Christa Cervone
Winner of Broken by Christa Cervone:  Ann-Marie Wilson
Winner of Private Message by Danielle Torella:  Heidi Bailey
Winner of Fear of Falling by Hannah Goodman:  Amanda Ludwig
Winner of Sucker Literary Volume 1 by Hannah Goodman:  Jennifer Laslie 
Winner of Sucker Literary Volume 2 by Hannah Goodman:  Donna Reynolds
Winner of Every Rose by Lynetta Halat:  Priscilla Shuster
Winner of Red Sky at Night by T.L. Manning:  Lynn Booth
Winner of Wolf Moon's Blue Hour by T.L. Manning:  Jessica Doyle
Winner of Silver Laced Nightmares by T.L. Manning:  Sarah Delgado Lieurance
Winner of e-book of choice from ANY of the Stamford Author Event author's:  Pam Bowen-Metz

Review: The 6 Train to Wisconsin by Kourtney Heintz

The Six Train to Wisconsin Back Cover:

Sometimes saving the person you love can cost you everything.

There is one person that ties Oliver Richter to this world: his wife Kai. For Kai, Oliver is the keeper of her secrets.

When her telepathy spirals out of control and inundates her mind with the thoughts and emotions of everyone within a half-mile radius, the life they built together in Manhattan is threatened.

To save her, Oliver brings her to the hometown he abandoned—Butternut, Wisconsin—where the secrets of his past remain buried. But the past has a way of refusing to stay dead. Can Kai save Oliver before his secrets claim their future?

An emotionally powerful debut, The Six Train to Wisconsin pushes the bounds of love as it explores devotion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Buy Links

Author Bio:

Kourtney Heintz writes emotionally evocative speculative fiction that captures the deepest truths of being human. For her characters, love is a journey never a destination.

She resides in Connecticut with her warrior lapdog, Emerson, her supportive parents and three quirky golden retrievers. Years of working in financial services provided the perfect backdrop for her imagination to run amuck at night, imagining a world where out-of-control telepathy and buried secrets collide.

Her debut novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, was a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist and will be available in e-book and paperback in May 2013.

 My Review:

Not your typical paranormal romance by any means!  Paranormal fiction in my opinion seems to be centered around a few similar storylines/paranormal abilities.  (And don't get me wrong I love them and will read them all day long.) This book was a great change from that!  I definitely recommend to the paranormal fiction lovers out there.  I give it 4 stars overall!


Kourtney has been nice enough to offer an authors swag bag and e-book to one lucky winner!

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Take Care Sara by Lindy Zart Spotlight and Giveaway

Book Info-

Title- Take Care, Sara
By- Lindy Zart
Expected Publication Date- June 6th, 2013
Genre-Women’s Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Cover Designed By:  Eden Crane Design


You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know is gone.

Sara Walker knows firsthand what it feels like to have your reality ripped away, scrambled, and shoved back at you in an undone puzzle where pieces are missing and nothing fits. She's lost so much and is struggling to live and to find the strength to forgive herself for being human. With the help of Lincoln, her husband's brother, Sara realizes it's not about finding who she used to be, but about finding who she is now.

You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know isn't gone, but reborn.  


About the Author-

Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.

Author Links

Amazon Author Page
Smashwords Author Page

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Spotlight and Giveaway: Why My Love Life Sucks by Shevi Arnold

Book Info-

Title-Why My Love Life Sucks
Series-The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer Book # 1
By- Shevi Arnold
Published-March 23, 2010


Seventeen-year-old Gilbert Garfinkle is the ultimate tech geek. He likes to take apart, figure out, and fix things, and he dreams of someday fixing the world. But now his own life has been taken apart by the one thing he'll never be able to figure out. Her name is Amber, and she's a gorgeous girl with a killer smile who wants to turn him into her platonic BFF--literally forever! It's the ultimate geek's ultimate nightmare, and it leaves Gilbert asking life's ultimate question: "Why me?"
Why My Love Life Sucks is a funny novel about geeks, girls, gadgets, vampires, and the start of a most unlikely friendship. It's the first book in The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, the series that proves it takes the ultimate geek to be the ultimate hero.


Barnes and Noble

About the author

I've always been super geeky about comedy, fantasy and science fiction.
When I was little, I'd take them apart and analyze them, kind of like what Gilbert Garfinkle--the hero of Why My Love Life Sucks--does with electronics. This continued into my college years, when I majored in English Literature and Theater Studies.
For twelve years I worked in magazines and newspapers as an editorial cartoonist, illustrator, editor, arts-and-entertainment writer (specializing in children's entertainment and, of course, comedy), and a consumer columnist.
My last job was at the Jerusalem Post, but I had to quit when my family decided to move to New Jersey to pursue better education options for my autistic son.
This was in February 2001. Since then I've written 40 picture books and seven novels for kids and teens, four of which I've indie published. I was an ABNA quarterfinalist with Why My Love Life Sucks, and I won third place in SmartWriter's Write It Now contest in the the YA category (which was judged by Alex Flinn, the author of Beastly) for my romantic, YA ghost story, Ride of Your Life.
Author's Links

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Once Upon a Twist by Aimee Duffy and Michelle Smart


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, the creatures are coming…

In a land run by misogynists, where fair maidens are deemed liable to fall in a dead faint at the sight of blood, Prince Charming is worried – the creatures that have destroyed their neighboring kingdoms are coming for them. He judges it imperative to get all the females to safety, but first he needs to break the enchantment enslaving his One True Love to her hateful home. Oh, and there’s the small matter of the Ball to get through too.

But when the creatures reach them ahead of their expected time, all plans are foregone. Can Ella break her wicked stepmother’s enchantment? Can she save her handsome Prince and the kingdom before midnight strikes? And can she show his soldiers what it really means to kick a monster’s butt? The clock is ticking…

Many, many years later…

When Ruby visits her grandmother in the deep, dark forest, she stumbles into a nightmare. Her grandma’s been attacked by a wolf-like creature, and an ancient disease that turned people into monsters is back… and so is the cold-hearted ex she walked out on a year ago.

Now she has to either accept Jeremy’s help or face becoming a monster herself. Fighting alongside the man she once loved isn’t easy, especially when she discovers there’s more to Jeremy than the cheating bastard she took him for. As they fight to survive the disease and save those they love, can they keep from falling for each other all over again?

About the Author's

About Aimee
About me (snooze—can you tell I hate the me stuff? Lol)
For as long as I can remember, I've had a good book in my hands. In primary school I loved Roald Dahl. In high school my English teacher introduced me to Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, and Shakespeare. It was then that I discovered my love for romance and I've wanted to pen my own imaginary heroes and heroines for others to enjoy ever since. Only in the last few years was I lucky enough to meet some fabulous and encouraging people to help me gain the skills to make that dream possible.
I live in sunny Scotland in a small town near the Ochils and work nine to five in a solicitors office. In my free time, you'll find me on Facebook, stalking *cough* following friends on Twitter, and may even catch me shoe shopping.

Feel free to follow me on:  Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Pinterest / Google +

About Michelle
My love affair with books began as a baby when, according to my mum, I would throw my teddies out of the cot and cuddle my books instead. This love for all things wordy has never left me. I have always been a voracious reader, crossing all genres depending on my mood. Looking back, my first experience with romance was as a child devouring copious amounts of fairy tales.
As my reading tastes evolved, encompassing amongst others Mills & Boon, Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, I discovered something special – that a book has the capacity to make my heart beat as if falling in love for the first time. When not reading or pretending to do the housework, I love nothing more than creating worlds of my own featuring handsome heroes and the sparkly, feisty women who refuse to take crap from them. I hope my books can make my readers' hearts beat a little faster too.

Michelle's Links:   Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

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The Visitor Series by Christy Sloat Review and Spotlight

Book Info- 

Title-The Brown House
Series-The Visitor’s Series Book # 1 By-Christy Sloat
Published in June 2012
Published by Anchor Group Publishing  


Some secrets should never be revealed… Brylee Branson begrudgingly made the excruciating move with her family from the warm sandy beaches of California to small town living in New Jersey. As if she wasn’t miserable enough, they’ve moved into a creepy old house that everyone in the area claims is haunted. Brylee dismisses the idea of ghosts and hauntings, until she begins to see and hear things that can’t be explained… Brylee has no choice but to seek the help of new friends to unlock the secrets of this place she now calls home. But some secrets should never be revealed. Can the teens find a way to release the spirits imprisoned within the walls? Or will the curse claim them, too?


Book Info-

Title- The Crimson Key
Series-The Visitor’s Series Book # 2
By-Christy Sloat
Expected Publication-May 2013
Published By-Anchor Group Publishing


The truth can be deadly.
Brylee Branson’s best friend and boyfriend have fallen victim to a horrible curse that haunts her home. With the witches who cast it dead she has no choice but to rely on the ghosts inside the Brown house to help her find a cure. But time is not on her side, because Lynley's illness is spreading rapidly.
Confused and scared, seventeen-year-old Brylee must confront a new ghost in the house she has never spoken to before. This spirit is not a Brown relative and makes no promises to help them … unless she can re-unite her with a loved one.
The fate of those she loves now rests on her. Can Brylee put the pieces of this puzzle together in time to save them? Or will the Brown house claim another victim?
The Visitor’s Series continues to scare and entice its readers with this gripping second book.


About the Author-

Christy Sloat is a Southern California native who now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters. She believes that reading is a passion and it should be embraced. She is literally obsessed with reading and tries to fit as many books in as possible. She has a very active imagination and she encourages her daughters to find theirs. Christy hopes to inspire them and others to use their creativity for the use of good. When she is not writing, reading or being Mommy, you might be able to find her at a bookstore scouring the shelves.Look for her recent titles The Many Lives of Avery Snow, Ianni, The Unraveling of Avery Snow and The Brown House.

 My Review

It took me a little while to get into the first book The Brown House, but once I did I really enjoyed reading it, and wanted to read The Crimson Key.  I enjoyed both books, and thought they were a welcome change from the other paranormal reads out there that tend to deal with the same subjects over and over again.  I would definitely reccomend this series and give it 4 stars overall!

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Rock Star Blog Tour: Jaded and Faded by Mercy Amare Excerpt, Interview, and Giveaway!

Jaded will be .99 for one week only!  Faded will be released on June 6th! 

Jaded buy links

Faded Excerpt

Stephan: Want to join the mile high club? ;)
Scarlett: You are my favorite person.
Stephan: Is that a yes?
Scarlett: Hmm...
Stephan: You can't resist my charm forever.
Scarlett: Is that a challenge? If I remember correctly, I am still winning our bet.
Stephan: Bet?
Scarlett: 'You will never see me naked... EVER.' Remember?
Stephan: Oh... :( Would it help if I begged?
Scarlett: Now I'm picturing you on your knees, and I'm definitely ok with this fantasy!
Stephan: I like where this fantasy is headed...

Author Bio

I am a YA/ NA author of the books: Don’t Tell, You Got Me, and the Rock Star Trilogy: Jaded, Faded, and Hated. I have a slight addiction to the TV series Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. I'm 23 years old, and I currently live in St Louis, with my husband of 2 years. 


1. Pepsi or Coke?
Can I say Dr. Pepper, instead? It's addicting.

2. Some writers have a routine or special place they have to be to write, what is yours?
I don't. I just write what I feel like. I normally don't plot or plan ahead, but when I do, it turns out to be nothing like I planned. As for where I write, I write a lot in bed. I was put on bed rest for a while, and I just got used to writing there.

3. Who are your favorite authors?
This list is long! Cassandra Clare, Jillian Dodd, C.C Hunter, Veronica Roth, Rachen Van Dyken, Colleen Hoover, Alyssa Rose Ivy, JK Rowling, Lauren Oliver, Lila Felix, Jessica Sorensen, Jennifer Armentrout, and Chelsea Fine… To name a few! ;)

4. What is your favorite food?
Fish. I like every kind of fish, literally. Crab. Sushi. Fried cat fish. Fish sticks :P. Salmon.

5. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I'm from Arkansas originally, so ANYWHERE in the south! I'm currently living in St Louis, and it's ok here, but I desperately want to move… Maybe Georgia, or Florida? Somewhere warm :)

6. Any advice for aspiring writers?
Just write. Even when you don't want to… Set a goal. Rather it's 200 words a day or 10k words a day… Set a goal that you know you can stick to, and do it. Eventually, you will have a completed novel.

7. When or what made you realize you wanted to write? What inspires you?
I started writing in the second grade. It wasn't something I ever really thought about, I just did it. Even now, I have so many ideas… My inspiration comes from things and people around me. Music. Family. Friends. Conversations on Facebook. Reading. Everybody has a story to tell.

8. Any must read recommendations?
YES! Stalk Me, Date Me, & Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd. That series is SO ADDICTING. And I would recommend the Seaside Series by Rachel Van Dyken. I can't get enough of those two book series.

9. What's your favorite color?
I have three favorite colors, actually. Pink, purple and white.

10. Anything you would like to tell the readers in parting?
Just THANK YOU for being awesome. You guys are so nice. I love reading your Facebook/ Twitter/ blog messages and comments. hearing that you liked my story is what keeps me going.

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Cover Reveal: Skin Deep by Megan D. Martin

Title:  Skin Deep
Author:  Megan D. Martin
Series:  #1 of The Eternal Forces
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Dragonfairy Press
Expected Release Date:   Fall 2013

What would you do to have the body of your dreams?

Kiera hates being overweight and hides behind thick layers of clothing. One night, her friends present an opportunity that seems impossible to believe. With a single spell, she can have the thin physique she's always coveted.

But all magic comes with a price: no sex or she'll revert back to her old body. Kiera accepts the cost. It's not like she has men lined up at her door. Obeying this one tiny rule isn't difficult at all—until the night she meets Cain, a were-tiger and a soldier with the Eternal Forces.

When a slew of unexplained murders forces Kiera and Cain together, they'll have to face the horrors of their pasts. Will Kiera realize she is worth more than her outward appearance? Or will she make the wrong the choice and lose everything—including her life?

About the Author
Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.
You can find Megan on pretty much every social networking site that exists.

Vine: Meeegann
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