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Review: Jaded Youth by A.G. Chambers


DINM’s destruction made Jade’s team invincible in the eyes of every Doppelganger, giving Adrian and Joanna the chance to finally prove themselves and explore the tempestuous relationship brewing between them.

Both have memories that would be better off buried and people they wish they could forget. Joining together might just give them the redemption they both so badly crave. But there’s trouble boiling within the government as the treasury continues to be drained, disappearing without a trace. Adrian is enlisted to ghost the perpetrator with his Orb, and Joanna’s help.

Their progress is stunted before it can even begin, their contracts ripped away from them as the team realise that the aftermath of DINM reaps more problems than rewards. When the minister they’ve been shadowing inadvertently introduces them to a man both Adrian and Joanna recognise, their dark pasts become entangled in a twist of fate none of the team saw coming.

Split between UK and New Zealand, A G Chambers has always had a passion for writing with her first short story at 8 years old, 'Chocoblock' and poem 'Seasons'. From there she was nominated in the top 10 novelists at 12 years of age for her short story memoir, which featured a doughnut eating horse and has since gone on to publish her first novel, Jaded Rein, at 18. Funnily enough, she almost failed her second year of English and spent a considerable amount of time debating whether or not she wanted to be a chemist before taking a publishing assistant job for The College of Law in London.

She is currently working on the sequel to Jaded Rein.


1. First off, pepsi or coke? Answer wisely! lol

It has to be coke - diet coke in fact! Blame my mother, she loved the stuff too!

2. What inspires your writing?

Reading other authors books & just falling into someone else's world for a while. The most exciting part of writing your own story is watching your own world develop into whatever you want it to and that certainly inspires me to write more.

3. Do you have a routine or any quirks that you HAVE to do before you can write?

No! But now you've asked me I wish I did have some crazy quirk. I just tend to re-read whatever I last wrote to get me back into that frame of mind, pour a glass of wine...and I'm off!

4. What are your guilty pleasures?

KFC, sweatpants & a good dose of Californication.

5. How do you handle rejection and/or bad reviews?

I look at what they considered to be the negative aspects of the book and try and think of ways in which I can fix them or improve upon them. The only negative comments I received regarding my first novel was that it was poorly edited - so I got a new editor! I know I have so much more to learn and improve on and I hope that each negative review I receive makes me a better writer in some way, shape or form.

6. Any words of advice for aspiring writers?

Write whenever the inspiration hits. Don't say, 'Oh I'll write that down later' or 'I'll just take a half hour break' because then you lose your flow and forget the excitement of the story. If you're inspired & passionate at the time you're writing, not only does it show on the page but you get so much more written. That and a lot of persistence - writing a full length novel is like running a marathon, but the callouses on your fingers are worth it!!!

7. If you could live in any period of time when would it be and why?

I would love to have lived in the time of Henry VIII with his six wives. I just find that period so interesting, especially the story of Anne Boleyn and the politics and drama behind it all. From the history books it sounds like life back then would have been terrifyingly exciting - like living on a knife edge. I think I would have thrived in that kind of environment.

8. What is coming up next for you?

Well Jaded Youth has obviously just been released so I'll be waiting for everyone's reaction to that while I crack on with writing the first solid draft of book three (I can't give away the title just yet). Other than that, not an awful lot.

9. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why?

I would love to live in Africa and/or Asia for a year or so just to experience a drastic change in culture. The more cultures we embrace, the more we can connect with so many other people and other potential readers ;) That and I love the warmer climates!

10. Any last thoughts, words of wisdom etc you would like to share?

The best piece of advice I ever read about writing characters was pick the top five things you would hate to put your character through - then make them go through all of those things. It will have more impact on your stories than you could possibly believe.

A G Chambers

My Review

Jaded Youth  is the second book in the Jaded series by A.G. Chambers.  I was a little confused at first since I had not read the first book in the series, but I was able to quickly catch on to what had happened previously, and I enjoyed the second book.  I can't wait to read the first book and the rest that will follow now!  Pretty in Pink gives  Jaded Youth 4 stars!  

Let me just say Ms. Chambers is a doll, andhas been super patient while I fought my blogger issues and the craziness that is my life.  Thank you so much my dear! 

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